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NVSHP offers a variety of memberships. Please find the best membership that would best suit you and join today!

Member Dues

  • 1 Year Pharmacist Membership - $95.00 
  • 2 Year Pharmacist Membership-$185.00
  • New Practitioner, Resident, Fellow - $45.00
  • Retired Pharmacist - $57
  • 1 Year Technician - $35.00
  • 2 Year Technician - $65.00
  • Student Technician/Pharmacist - Complimentary Membership
  • Associate Member - $105

As a convenience to our members, NVSHP now offers an Automatic Renewal program as a quick, convenient way for our members to pay their annual membership dues without interruption. If you like this convenience, please find the membership that suits you. It's that simple:

  • Pharmacist: Autorewenal Form
  • Retired Pharmacist: Autorenewal Form
  • Technician: Autorenewal Form
If you are already a member, please fill out our Membership Renewal form!