About Us

The Nevada Society of Health-System Pharmacists (NVSHP) was established in October 2006. Since then, NVSHP has been diligently working on continuing the strong foundation developed to better meet the needs of health-system pharmacists in Nevada. Prior to NVSHP's inception, Nevada was one of the two states in the country that did not have an ASHP affiliate. Now, NVSHP has proven to be a strong and viable state association run by and for Nevada's pharmacists and technicians. 

NVSHP is established on a strong mission statement and by-laws that enable Nevada's pharmacists in all regions of the state to have one collective voice to ensure that health-system pharmacists does not go unheard. NVSHP is actively involved in the legislative process on behalf of its members. NVSHP strongly supports expansion of the scope of practice, regulation of technicians and expansion of pharmacy practice. NVSHP monitors bill ranging from drug labeling to professional licensure.

NVSHP members share a common mission - to promote wellness, patient safety and optimal use of medication.